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my hair is looking lighter today yay

ur hair is perfect

Sooooo pretty!
Anonymous: you're really not funny or good looking just stop trying. ugly bitch

Ty wow so kind

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outofplaceandawkward: Ooo I wanna hear about the baby turtles!

Oh my god it was amazing! We was lucky enough to release them on two separate occasions! the first time I called mine Leonardo (from tmnt obvs) awwwww I was in tears of joy when I did this it was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and honestly never thought I would do it! And the second time I called it chubbs haha don’t ask it’s just a funny name that my bf likes to call me! Apparently only 1 out of 100 of the baby turtles will survive so hopefully ma lil Leonardo and chubbs will be surfin the waves pickin up some sexy turtles to make more babies :D I’ll try and find he pictures and reblog them!!

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ohsosimp1e: What is the happiest you ever felt:)?

Ooooh god I’m not quite sure! Probably the days that I’m just lazing around with my boyf or when we go out places :) ORRRRR when I was in cancun as got to release baby turtles into the ocean!

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Anonymous: what makeup do you wear daily?

Nothing special! L’oreal foundation, rimmel power, bronzer and blush, gold eye shadow (most days), mascara and then liquid eye liner, benetint on my lips sometimes I do my eyebrows with the benefit compact thingy but it’s nearly all gone :(

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Anonymous: how old are you?


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Goodbye Mexico #paradise #vacation #beach #cancun  (at Secrets The Vine Cancún)

Mexico: The Cancun Underwater Museum. Tag the people you wanna dive here with. #cancun #mexico #cancunundwatermuseum #underwater #monuments #travel #tourism #travelideas
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